How to find advertisers for your website or your blog

If you have a a website or a blog, and you’re writing a few articles per week or per month, you might want to get some money out of it. What can you do to achieve that?

Find a sponsor

The easiest way is by finding a sponsor; someone who likes what you are writing and would like to sponsor you. To find a sponsor, you can look for people who are already spending money on related keywords that you have on your site, you rank very highly in search results, and that you would like other people to have a look at your work. If you can find people that are already paying money for the keywords that you offer that you are getting now, then you will be the one to get that money from now on. What kind of sponsors can you have? There are many possibilities. You can have a main sponsor, or someone who pays for your blogging and will act as your main supporter. You can also make an advertising space and have multiple sponsors. You should be creative with your choices.

Sell Your Blog

You can also have a banner on your blog, whether on top or on the side. You can also sell links. You can sell space on your blog. You can also sell a combination of both links and space. You can also sell paid posts, but this can be a little tricky. Be careful and know what you are doing because if you are selling paid posts, you need to have very good journalistic ethics in order to deal with paid postings. This is something which we don’t have a lot of in newspapers, and for a good reason. Paid postings take away credibility from your site. If you want to be seen as an expert, don’t do something like this.

Do a Good Keyword Research

Here is the blueprint of what I do to monetize blogs. First of all, you need to make sure that the topic you are writing on is something that you can monetize. If you are writing about free stuff, you need to get a way to monetize free stuff. It’s possible, it is not a problem; Google is showing that you can earn a lot of money with free stuff. But if you have a blog about free giveaways, it will probably be hard to get money from that.

Look For a Niche

I’m looking for a niche in which I know that money can be made. I know that because there are people at AdWords bidding for it. However, that niche shouldn’t be something that’s huge. Drill it down until it comes to a niche which can be on the top three in Google, but there is still someone bidding at AdWords. If someone bids money on a specific keyword in AdWords, that basically means that there is money in the market.

Build a Blog

What I do next is then setup a WordPress blog. Actually, I put an SEO optimized version of the WordPress blog, and then I write some articles about a topic. I have done keyword research now; finding out which keywords are interesting to write about. So I write about those. Then I have a cool site which can be found very well in Google. And then my next step was to look up which sites are actually paying money for the keywords that my site is ranking. I use SEMRush for that step; a great tool that delivers you to the front door of the people who are willing to draw money for stuff that you do.

Give Gifts for Long Term Relationships

Now, approach those people in a positive light. Building long term relationships is very important, and in fact, I’ve mentioned that in different postings in my blog. To do that, I give away gifts, because people like to get gifts. I give them space on my blog and usually this is in the form of a guest post. It makes me happy because I get a new posting, and it makes them happy because they are free to tell the world about how good they are and what they can achieve. For me, this sends out a message like, “Oh, there is this blog that is very well read because they even have guest posts of the CEO of so-and-so on there.” Having guest posts definitely adds to credibility. Once I have started a relationship that have put up the guest post, I send them stats on how the post is doing probably at the start of every week. This is how we keep in contact.

This will be the best way, I think, to get in contact with someone. Give them a gift, and then see what happens. If you can develop a good relationship with that person, that’s cool. They might really want to sponsor your blog more if they have content on your blog and feel that they are on your blog. They will also feel that the people they want to reach are on the blog, especially when they are getting comments on the blog post, which suggests that your blog post is right place. They might want to advertise someday.

So what can we get from all of these? Find a niche that you can make money on. Do a good keyword research, build a blog, write a few good articles and then that is pretty much it. You are all set. Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it.

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