How to Choose What to Focus on

I believe that if we look at nature, we can grasp at strategies that are very successful and use these in our own life. For example, take the idea of evolution. Evolution means the strongest survives. If the strongest survives, what then is the strongest point or quality in your life? Of the strongest things in your life, what is the most positively motivating?

Expand Your Options

For most people, they have a limited set of what they are doing every day. It’s fine if you’re just doing one thing, and you’re not looking at something else that is different, and you happen to like this situation where you really don’t have a choice. But there isn’t any evolution going on in this situation. What you need to do is introduce some sort of competition in your daily life. It is very important to go through a learning phase of doing lots of different things before you start to focus.

Assessing What I Want to Do

That is what I did for the last couple of years.  I have looked at a lot of business models, different jobs, and things that I’m interested in.  I have tried to find the perfect job or business for myself.  I’m not really sure if I succeeded, because It’s hard to find the perfect job, although I’ve done pretty well in assessing what I want to do.

I have done that by doing a lot of different things.  Looking at it all, I saw what I liked and what I didn’t like.  The one problem I have is to stop or finish things I have started.  This technique requires that you end things that don’t give you what you want.  If there are people involved, it can be very tricky.

Stopping Things I Started: Vacation

What I have done is mixed that up with the idea of going on vacation. When you go on vacation, it makes it easier to stop a lot of things because you’re going anyway.  It’s not only a question of wanting to stop something, but it’s also a question of wanting to start something.  If you’re on vacation, it will be a great time for evaluating things and deciding if you want to continue doing something or not.

Plan a vacation during the year that is long enough for you to make a stop, like two weeks.   Plan this for about five times with two weeks duration.  Make these the deciding points to decide whether you want to continue or stop something.  In between every period, try something new.  Try to get your own personal evolution going with the things you’re busy with, both professionally and personally.  What you’ll see is a development of the things that you do.

Stopping Things Help You Grow

If you can stop things, at least it will help you to grow.  You can focus in a natural way.  For example, there are five activities in your daily life.  Pick one of those activities and renew it.  Every couple of months, you look at what you’ve been doing.  Drop one of those activities which does not give you much or which you don’t really like, and replace it with a new activity.  Repeat this cycle every two months.

This probably has a lot to do with my personal opinion on how to live life.  This is actually how I do it.  Let’s see what will come out of it.  Ask me again in ten years if it was a successful method.

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