How My Business Developed

My business is developing a lot.  If you have followed me you would have seen me make a switch from focusing on blogging to content management, then to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and then on to social media just recently.  I have also been asked to help people develop sustainable business models for a digital environment. Those are the things that I am busy with.

Connecting People and Ideas

The slogan of my company is connecting people and ideas.  For all the things that I have been busy with, this slogan is what I constantly keep in mind and do. This is also what I apply to some new aspects to my work. These new aspects are geared towards the money matter, asking the questions “how do you earn your money?”. There are two answers to that question. First is, sell your resources and make money out of these resources, and second is sell someone else’s resources.

Working as a Freelancer

What I’ve been doing so far is working more as a freelancer.  Now, as a freelance consultant, I’m still selling my own resources which are mostly my time despite it being limited.  If you want to be a business owner and not a self-employed person, it’s actually quite different. Being self-employed, you think about how you can create products.  It’s basically the situation I am in right now.

The contents that I deal with are interesting for me: SEO, social media blogging websites, and social network. I have been working on these content for some time now, and now, my focus is more on how to make businesses and help others make businesses with the knowledge that I have. I try to take this knowledge and make tools and products out of it. So that’s basically the challenge I foresee

Future Challenge

The challenge I foresee we will be faced with for the next two years is creating products and making a switch towards more focus on selling products and not services. I have been dealing with contents such as SEO, social media blogging websites, and social network. I will focus on tools and products related to these content, aside from focusing on making businesses and helping others to make businesses with the knowledge that I have.

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