Giving a Workshop on Social Media

A lot of companies are asking me about social media since I started making websites and doing search engine optimization. Now, as it seems to be the case, everything is moving towards social media and so are my clients. Thus, I have been asked to give a workshop on social media by different agencies. Furthermore, it’s interesting because they all want to have something which is a combination of a workshop and a coaching project.

How I start the workshop

With the new media, it is important that you know what you’re talking about. This means that you need some kind of basic knowledge about what is possible, the tools you have, and the rules. You also need some guidance and some mentoring. That can be both incorporated into one workshop.

First, I usually say something very short about myself. Then, I jump in with case studies on social media and show what is social about it, or what I think about it. What I do next is an intake. I’ve been doing this in my practice as a psychologist. I experienced a lot of intact interviews and it is basically what I will do with a company as well.

I asked them questions like, “Okay, so can you tell me why we have this talk? What is the problem? Is there a problem? What’s the reason that you want to tackle this right now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today? What do you have to gain? What do you have to lose? What are you afraid of? How do you see your role in this? How do you see my role in this? Do you have experience with earlier workshop and media coaches? Do you have some specific requests?”

Looking at the Communication Side

I also try to look a lot at the communication side of social media. As a psychologist, I learned that before you can start working with your clients, you need to form a relationship. It doesn’t need to be a friendship or a well-defined customer and service representative relationship. But, there needs to be some definition of the relationship between me and my clients.

I also think that relationships are usually formed best with communication, where I come to the company and just talk to them for free. This goes on for about an hour in which I just ask very in-depth questions they probably don’t have a ready answer for. This makes them think and inspires them to probably have some more answers ready the next time we talk to each other. Examples of these questions are: What are people saying about you on Facebook? Is your product talked about on Twitter? Do you know how many blog posts there have been about your company in the last month?

Getting in touch with the perfect customer

I also ask questions which go more into traditional marketing, like “What is your added value to the world? What is the best way to communicate this in your marketing?” A question that I really like asking is “How does your perfect customer look like?” It’s really one of my goals for each company that I go to. I want them to get in touch with their perfect clients, their perfect customer. Life is too short to deal with customers that don’t fit you. Using the Internet and the social media, you have all the power to reach the customers you want.

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