Generating Solutions to Global Warming

Our Planet needs Environmental Awareness

Our planet is the only one known to support life. It is protected by a thin layer of atmosphere that keeps the balance between air, water and temperature. As such, our planet is a treasure in the universe that needs to be protected. However, the human civilization has done a lot of things to break down this balance that sustains life. One of these things is our addiction for oil from fossil fuels. These resources kept our civilization running. Technology and knowledge increased exponentially. One would think that increase in knowledge also means increase in environmental awareness and preservation. But the opposite happened.

Pollution of Atmosphere = Global Warming

Because of our addiction for oil, even as it is slowly depleting because it is a non-renewable energy source, we have polluted our atmosphere. Studies have shown that 7000 billion tons of carbon pollution has been spilled into the atmosphere. This pollution has caused the sun’s heat to be trapped inside our atmosphere. The result: global warming. The temperature has increased rapidly over the past century. Over the past century, the earth’s temperature has gone up by 1 degree. That’s a lot, considering that it only took a 4 degree shift for the last ice age to vanish.In fact, in the history of the world, the 90s was the hottest decade ever. Now, the 2000-2010 decade has taken the throne of that title. If we don’t act now, it is highly likely that the earth will get hotter each decade.

Environmental Problems of Delta Cities

We are seeing the signs everywhere: freak storms, floods, rising sea levels and delta cities that are threatened with such, heat waves, bleaching coral reefs, and floods. All of these and more are due to global warming. Especially vulnerable to these threats are the delta cities, the most dynamic areas in our planet in terms of growth, transformation, development and general human activity. That also makes these locations more prone to environmental degradation than anywhere else.  Aside from rising sea levels, groundwater salination and radical weather conditions, among others, make delta cities a real threat to potential devastation.

Finding Solutions to Global Warming

Huge multinational corporations, scientists, global warming experts, politicians, and other concerned sectors are trying their best to find a solution to this single greatest threat to our civilization. And rightfully so; we started this problem, and we need to be the ones to finish it and put it out for good. We need to do our part as well. We simply cannot rely on most of the politicians and companies and other influential sectors in our society most of the time. Sometimes the addiction of oil and its hold on power and money can hinder this advocacy significantly.

Your Ideas are valuable!

The first thing that comes to our mind is that there is only very little we can do with our minuscule action influence. But the truth is, there are more things that we can do to make a difference and preserve the delta cities and the planet earth in general from the devastating effects of global warming. So what will you do if you have a chance to do something for global warming? Your ideas count. Your ability to come up with ideas will not only help find the right solutions to this very serious problem, your effort to contribute will spread awareness to everyone else who may have the right ideas as well but are drawn back from sharing; our ideas will count and there’s nothing more powerful than a data collection of unique suggestions which, when implemented, will make all the difference in the world to solve the global warming problem.

Your innovative ideas are what our planet needs to provide solutions to global warming. If you want more information about this challenge go to the Delta Competition Challenge details page, then register at, send in your solution and win up to $ 9.000 prize money.

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