Free WiFi access in Restaurants and Bars

If you have a bar or restaurant and you would like people to come in to eat and drink beverages, there is one easy thing that you can do and that is get people free WiFi access. Sounds pretty simple, but is it really that easy? Yes, and the only thing you need to do is take a router, which costs around 50 to 200 bucks, lock it in to your assistant network, and get a computer gate to make sure it’s all safe and people won’t hack into your computer. Hacking is big trouble.

Promoting Free Wi-Fi Access

You might also consider setting up a different line for the WiFi access, and not just an open network for that line. If you’ve done that, you will only need to promote your network, and you can do that by putting up a sign. An example is “free WiFi access” on the cart or on the menu. Also, make sure that you mention it in your marketing campaign materials.

Two-fold Effects of Having Free Wi-Fi Access

First, people will come to your place more often. It’s nice to have internet access in a restaurant. While eating, they can use their smart phone to read their emails, or use the online messenger, for example. Second, people can promote your cafe while they are online. They can say something like “We’re now in the cafe”, and say something about your restaurant. Well, be sure that you have something interesting in your restaurant for them to talk about. If you do, people will share the information within their own network of friends. As you can see, you can do multiple things if you have WiFi access in your restaurant.

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