Finding new people

This article is an old post that I just rediscovered.

A while ago I heard about this ingenious program which is called Replace Me and the Program which basically about replacing myself. It’s all about outsourcing and how you can get to know people that can work for you and do a great job doing the stuff you did before. This is basically about replacing you.

Replacing Myself by Hiring Writers

I am very, very happy to find Neal and Elisha doing a great job in replacing me. But it seems that there will be a bigger project coming up and I’m probably going to look around as I am quite sure that I’m going to hire new writers. This is very different from how I did this back then because, before I start on a project, people just have to fit in with me. Now they have to fit in with the theme and me obviously. So I’m really wondering what the most effective way would be in approaching people that would like to work for me. If you have any idea I might be happy to know about this.

Using Other Networks and Social Media to Look for Employees

My idea right now is to ask my writers to use their own networks and social media to get to the people we would like to work with. It’s funny as it feels like it is the second round. It feels like I have proven to myself that the model I had started this project with – which was teaching what a person wants to know and let them do it instead of me – really does work and it has been a tremendous experience to teach people what I do and then be able to have that done with just writing a few comments.

Hire People from the Philippines

I’ll be hiring new people. If you have any idea about who I should approach, please tell me. I’m basically interested in people who are from the Philippines. This is the only place where I have good experiences concerning outsourcing. If you are online article writer from the Philippines and you’re interested in doing bigger projects for me, let me know. Thanks!

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