Facebook: A Tool for Business Communication

So far, the approach to Facebook has been mainly from a marketing perspective. Most of the things I read about businesses on this popular social network are that businesses may have their own site on Facebook. In fact, this is how it’s known to most users as well; they build fans on this social network and use it to communicate with customers. It may be a communication between the business to the consumer, and sometimes its business to business.

Facebook as Communication Tool With Employees

Facebook, or FB, is also great for internal communication with your employees. Why? First of all, I’m not talking about security here, and if it’s wise to put information about your business on Facebook. I have my own personal perspective on privacy. However, you can keep each other updated via the FB wall on what you’re currently doing. Given that you have a group in your company, your employees can contact each other, and even send video messages to each other, which to me is the killer feature of FB.

FB Tools for Employee Communication

Video messages are not widely used, however. With the click of a button, you can record a video message, a tool that is usually much more efficient than sending a written message. You can also send status messages so you can say what you’re up to at that moment. You can also chat, in fact I actually do that a lot on FB.

Using this social network to communicate with each other in the company is not something that I have thought up. We needed video, text, easy messages, chat, etc., and we get most of these on Gmail or Skype. But since most of us are on Facebook the whole day anyway, it actually makes sense to use FB for communication as well.

This actually is part of the dynamic system we have in our company, the ways of communication that have developed.  We don’t have strong rules about when or how to talk to someone. This basically means that we use a communication channel that is the best for the message we want to bring across.  Sometimes it’s actually a Facebook video message.

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