Expert business in a box

By Martin Metzmacher

Internet Marketing & Human Behaviour Expert

Reality 2.0 = abundance of resources

Reality 1.0 was defined by a shortage of resources (raw materials, time, space, labor force, you name it…it’s not enough). Nowadays we live in reality 2.0, which is defined by abundance of resources. As digital communication is basically free, the transfer of knowledge is more efficient than ever. Reality 2.0 transcends time and space: I can communicate with whoever, wherever and whenever I want.

The last obstacle: The technology gap

Can you? There is one last obstacle to overcome: Getting the “old school experts” to transform their knowledge in digital form, so it can be shared easily. Digital communication technology has come a long way, but usability is still a problem. Do you know how to sell an online video course or set up a paid membership forum? If you want the knowledge of the “old school experts” to be present in reality 2.0 you need to give them a system that takes away the technological gap and makes sharing knowledge as easy as teaching 1-on-1.

Bridge the gap

I offer an “Expert-business-in-the-box” system that allows experts to earn money with their knowledge without having to deal with the technologies involved. Being able to use a text editor and email is just fine. I offer a structured process of generating digital information products and a proven system that sells those products. The system is based three expert products: eBook, video tutorial and digital coaching. Those products can be developed in virtually every expert domain at minimal costs.

Give & track

A free version of every product is used to generate leads. Those leads then receive an automated sequence of emails, in which the three expert products are offered. Track and optimize everything, automate 90% of the system and outsource 99%. On top of that you can get up-sell, down-sell and cross-sell-crazy.

The best of all worlds

So what would happen if everyone did what they know and like best? In my dreams this creates the best of all worlds. Well…at least the most efficient one. So what are you waiting for? Do what you do best and get started sharing your knowledge now.

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