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I am very happy to announce the launching of my site ebookreadersreview.info. This site is about ebook readers, and informs about different ebook reader models. The most popular ebook readers in the market right now are compared, reviewed and evaluated.

Why I made the Ebook Reader Review site

I made that site because this is part of my strategy to introduce gadgets that people can actually use and benefit from. This site is part of my general idea to help people make the switch from an analog to a digital world. I think it’s important that we realize that communication has changed. Within a few years, our flow of information has been revolutionized by the internet and by digital media.

Ebook readers

So what are ebook readers? Ebook readers are handheld devices which take the functionality of reading ebooks on a computer and putting it into a device. The ebook reader is a very good example of a device that incorporates well into our loves; much like a laptop is a movable computer, although of course a computer can do a lot of other things.

In fact, the ebook reader takes the functionality to a whole new level, and it does it much better than a computer because of it’s specific e-ink display technology. This technology allows users to read from the device for hours without straining the eye; like an actual book, an ebookreader screen doesn’t have backlight, and it looks exactly like a paperback book page. Furthermore, with this device, you have the functionality of a book, but you can have lots of books in this device. The physical space is pretty much unlimited, and you can compress and have hundreds or thousands of book in a device which isn’t even as thick as a regular book.

Motivation for launching the site

Launching this website is my idea of making lots of money, but at the same time, getting a deeper look on the process. I’m following this course in business development which basically asks the question, what does that project add to mankind and to the development of a society?

My initial idea was just to make ebooks on topics that people like. Now, I’m still looking for topics that people like so that they would want to buy it, but these topics should now belong to a niche that falls in my general strategy. And this strategy aims to add knowledge to mankind through the use of technology, making life easier, and building a better would through the use of information and communication technology. Furthermore, I’m doing these from the perspective of the individual, which is different from the approach of a product designer or a general marketing person. By doing this, I think I am coming up with more efficient solutions.

First project of my writers

This website is also the first project that my writers from the Philippines, Elisha and Neal worked on. That’s why I am extra happy to announce that this website went online. This is pretty much their baby. I did some initial research and some guidance, but basically, they came up with the content and how to make the product reviews by themselves. I’m really proud of them because I think the reviews are outstanding, and I personally just like them.

Need your feedback

I would like to have your feedback on ebookreadersreview.info. The design of this website is the thesis starting design. The thesis looks good naked, but it’s too minimalistic. I should probably get a new them for the website, which is still based on thesis. I know some people who can do thesis designs very well, so i’ll just ask them. Thank you for reading. I hope you like the site and I’ll be glad if you give me some feedback on the design and the page in general.

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