Dynamic systems

I’m really a fan of the dynamic system theory. This scientific model is based on cause and effect. The preposition of cause and effect is time, because in order to have cause, you will need something to happen at time one, and this cause will influence an effect which will happen in time two. However, we have shown that in the Quantum universe, for example, time isn’t what we thought it was. It’s probably not linear anyway, and that might be a model that can’t explain physics to some degree.

The Iterative and Feedback Process of Human Behavior

Human behavior is really not static, and in order to describe it, including natural and biological behavior, you need to see that there is an iterative process and a feedback process. The results of your cause can be a cause in itself and it can influence another thing in itself, and then it can influence another thing again.

Just think about a conversation in which two people both get more and more angry. You can say that person A was angry because person B got angry. On the other hand, you can also say that person B was angry because person A got angry. It’s very difficult to say what the cause is and what the effect is.

Dynamic systems theory is free

In this way, I like dynamic systems theory because in it, or with it, you are free. Everything can be a cause and effect at the same time. When you have a dynamic system, you’re trying to see what the algorithm is behind the system, and you’re not trying to fit the system to a specific way to do statistics that you have chosen. (If you want to know why the General Linear Model (and with it all stats used in social science today) is completely bullshit for the analysis of human behavior – well just give me a call – but bring some time…hehe.)

The reason why I like this is because it gives us some easy insights at what we can do to improve life in general: do not have too many rules, be flexible, and get the best feedback possible. This is why I like dynamic systems theory and I think you can apply them pretty much in every situation in your life. If you do, it will greatly enhance your effectiveness in your life.

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