Discovering what to contribute to this universe

Through my interactions with many people in my life, I feel I have come to understand that all the truth I’m looking for on the outside is already within me. I find that I’m often puzzled by the world.

My thought, creativity and intuition hold much value to other people, but they seem very normal to me.

But if that is the case, how can I identify what I can contribute in this life to this world? Most probably I am the worst person to judge that and decide on that so I should let other people decide. I can only do that by freely sharing everything I do, feel and think. I can only hope that through feedback from others and through their help in pointing out specific things, I can learn and understand the pattern of my being in behavior, thought and emotion.

By not identifying myself with those thoughts and emotions but rather looking at them at behavior, I hope to create in a crowd sourcing way that kind of third person watcher. So this is the way of external reflection which will help me to become being myself as the thoughts and emotion that I produced in helping me to realize that there is another being that is the creator of all that stuff. Let’s call it the external route.

But it comes clear to me that this can only be a part of the way I am walking. So the other way needs to be the inner route to self-realization. And as I’ve learned that I cannot trust my feeling and my thoughts, this way we’ll need to go through my body. I will use my body and perception of it in order to develop a different state of mind that is not like the thinking or feeling state I usually employ in everyday life.

The goal to me is that kind of inner silence that Eckhart Tolle talks about where you can just let go of any thoughts and feeling and you just rest peacefully without the battling mind disturbing the inner peace.

As I embark on that journey I will take with me all the knowledge I have gathered, my studies and my experiences but I will also try to disregard any judgment or pre-conception that stems from that knowledge. Let’s go!

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