Clothing as a Sustainable Business via Social Media

At the moment, I am going through a course on sustainable development in a business context. This means I am answering questions such as how we can build businesses that have all three P’s: People, Planet, and Profit.

How can we build lasting value for everyone? We came up with a pretty cool idea. On the Internet, there are lots of comparative sites where you can check a product out and buy it. You will have all sorts of valuable information, such as, where you can find lower prices, where you need to buy certain items, or where you can find better services. We were thinking if we can do this for sustainable factors.

Calculating the Price of Clothing Based on Durability

We were specifically thinking about clothing. How long can a certain clothing be normally wearable? If you have a t-shirt from the H&M, you might wear it for two years before it’s worn. You might also buy a high quality shirt which might last longer, like five or six years. In fact, calculating a price of a t-shirt could be based on the durability of the clothing and the number of years it can serve you. You could also calculate the amount of money that could have been made by the people who made the clothes. This way you might see if it’s a fair price for their product. There are other factors you might also want to consider. The dye and the chemicals used would be one.

Whole New Social Media About Clothing

It would be very cool to combine this with a bar code scanner as well. You can have it as an application on your mobile phone. It would tell you not only what and where you should buy clothes, but also about other clothes that would go well with your initial purchase, which includes colors and styles that coordinate well. It could be a whole new social media about what you’re wearing for the day. This would be very cool!

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