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Blog transfered to new server

Happy to announce that this blog has now been transferred to a brand new server, 100% optimized for WordPress hosting, including:

  • nginx web server
  • complex caching setup
  • automatic image compression on upload
  • Facebook outposting bridge
  • and more more more…

If you happen to find any bug, please let me know!

Why I l Love WordPress

Every time I work with WordPress, I am very happy.  I feel very grateful to be a user of this piece of technology. There are several reasons why I have chosen some time ago to work solely with WordPress CMS for small and medium sized projects.

Read about the Benefits of WordPress

WordCamp Ireland – Kilkenny

Some visual expressions of my journey to Wordcamp Ireland in Kilkenny. It was fun looking at Kilkenny at night and seeing all those enthousiastic WordPress people. Fun level: B

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