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Prezi Interview

This is the interview of  Andrew Davis , chief strategy officer and co-founder of Tippingpoint Labs, who creates and implements digital content strategies for consumer brands. He is a writer and an internationally acclaimed speaker. He shares his unique media insights in an informative, engaging, critical and entertaining way. His presentations are creatively crafted by the new tool he uses called Prezi.

Prezi Interview with Andrew Davis

Giving a Workshop on Social Media

A lot of companies are asking me about social media since I started making websites and doing search engine optimization. Now, as it seems to be the case, everything is moving towards social media and so are my clients. Thus, I have been asked to give a workshop on social media by different agencies. Furthermore, it’s interesting because they all want to have something which is a combination of a workshop and a coaching project.

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How Social Media Changes the Way We Interact

Social Media is a development that has been on the rise, probably for the last 3 to 5 years.  More than that, social media has been around for ages. Let’s take a closer look at the two words that describe social media. One is social and the other is media.

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Tag People not s***!

Oh yes great!

Tag people everywhere. I don’t mind – come on – tag me!

And oh hahaha – it’s so funny to tag “stuff” with people’s name – until…

…until you need to verify your account. For example because you want to download your data from facebook – or because you have lost your password. Then you will get presented with pictures of something – and you need to identify the people behind it. Great if it’s actually a face – not so great if it’s just joke-tagging and you get denied access to your account.

Facebook really has to change this and run a face-detection test before presenting the pictures.