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How to Make the Best of Crowd Source

You are an innovative company looking for innovative and new solutions to old and new problems, and you have decided to use a crowd sourcing agency such as Brainrack for this purpose. The following is a general explanation of what I think will be beneficial for you to do before you actually start posting a crowd sourcing question. This has a lot to do with psychology.

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Don’t Rush into Social Media

A lot of companies are rushing into social media right now. They have heard that Facebook and Twitter are the places to be. They need to be stepping up now and they may be too late as the social media is the future. With all of these and the stories you hear, I’m here to tell you DON’T RUSH!

Know why you Shouldn’t rush into Social Media

Benefiting from your competition

Competition is great. It keeps you sharp; it keeps you efficient and gives you a framework from which you evaluate your own actions. Why do we need competition and why is that really good? For this question let’s go back to dynamic systems; if you haven’t read the post about dynamic systems, please read that post. It is the basis of what I’m going to talk about. Most people see competition as something bad. They regard the status of monopoly as the ultimate status for business. However, I don’t think that it’s true; let me tell you why.

Know how to benefit from your competition

Clothing as a Sustainable Business via Social Media

At the moment, I am going through a course on sustainable development in a business context. This means I am answering questions such as how we can build businesses that have all three P’s: People, Planet, and Profit.

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