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Iranians – We Love You!

Dear Ex-Facebook Friend

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Dear Ex-Facebook friend.
If you cannot read this post you have just been unfriended.

Top 5 reasons are:

– You bring negativity into my life
– You don’t value the gift of life
– You behave disrespectful against others
– Your post spam
– You do not take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions

If any of the above describe your behaviour, but you can still read this post – you are next in line.

New Pictures 06/2011

I had a photoshoot yesterday with the great photographer Mareen Meyer . Finally people will recognize me again on the street after meeting me online (-:

See Martin’s pictures

Life’s lessons from Gardening

One of my hobbies that I really like doing and which I discovered just recently is gardening. I actually never thought that it would be so much fun; and so did Lara. When I planted my first vegetable patch last year, she was sure that this was going to go away pretty quickly. I’ve had quite a lot of hobby try outs; from time to time I try out a new hobby and see if I like them. I usually don’t and I stick with what I already know. However, gardening was so much fun and I just keep on doing it.

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