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Dream Your Way to Success

When you were little, you were probably dreaming a lot. You were drifting away into your daydreams. Things seemed to be true, but in fact they weren’t, or were they? I would like to encourage you to start dreaming again, of which daydreaming is also a vital part.

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Beyond Self-Perception

Sometimes, we forget that one of our most important and defining features is our being very adaptive. Our whole biological and anatomical systems are built to adapt to very different lifestyles in very different environments. That’s unlike most other animals that are geared for one specific way of life. Humans are an enduring species and we can also change the environment to fit our needs.

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The Merits of Role Playing

When I was young, I used to role play with my mom every Sunday morning for an hour or 2. I had played the role of any of the strangest people or animals, like a pirate who starts out as a boy in a pirate ship until he becomes a captain. I also really like being a wild cat living next to a snack bar and getting in to sneak out some sausages. My cousin had at times brought me to Africa.

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How to Get Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are two of the most frequent disorders that we see in developed Western countries. Of the two, anxiety is much easier to tackle than depression. Actually, getting rid of anxiety is not much of a problem these days because we now have very good tools to combat anxiety. The question now is: Are people going to do it? It all depends on us; we need to show new behavior in order to learn new ways of behavior.

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