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Coaching Call with Leedo Daniel #3


In this video coaching call (the almost final session):

  • What to track
  • Why I might be looking at the wrong metrics
  • Motivational waves and how to match your activity
  • Selling vs. creating

Coaching Call with Leedo #0

I am extremely thankful to Leedo (CEO of Sugarhabits), who has just agreed to coach me towards my goal of 5.000€ passive income / month. Great guy, great energy – I feel really honoured!


The Caveman Principle

Let me tell you about a concept I have when I try to analyze human group behavior as well as individual behavior.  I call it the Caveman Principle.

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How to Choose What to Focus on

I believe that if we look at nature, we can grasp at strategies that are very successful and use these in our own life. For example, take the idea of evolution. Evolution means the strongest survives. If the strongest survives, what then is the strongest point or quality in your life? Of the strongest things in your life, what is the most positively motivating?

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