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Developing Habits

A habit is a very small part of behavior. Before talking about habits, we should first discuss two kinds of behavior: conscious and unconscious behavior.

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Apple sponsoring Netrepreneurs Interviews

Dear Apple,
I run an Video-Interview-Blog at

As psychologist I am interested in what makes people successful. Therefore I have developed a format, in which entrepreneurs talk about their personal development and how that has contributed to making them successful in a business context. I believe that true success always starts from within – and that is why I have dedicated quite some time to making these interviews and releasing them for free.

Why I think Apple will be a great sponsor

Do We Need Chaos?

Why do we need chaos? Why is chaos usually a good thing? Our society seems to imply that we can control everything, and that control is a good thing. We control our kids. We control the books. We control the Internet. We control computer games. We control what is shown on TV? We control what we may or may not sell, eat, and learn.

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For under the shower on a grey morning (imagine slow jazz band playing)…

stop to think you are nothing
start to think your so much
it’s the way you look and smile
that makes me craving for your touch

so many times I looked at you
never noticed what was always there
just let down you guard
and let me care

what could be more intriguing
what could be more seducing
what could be more pleasing
than caring for you

finally I get that look
infinite reflection of eyes
it is so pure and free
free from all disguise

repost from my first blog “realities” from March 23rd 2006