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How to Publish on Kindle

Nowadays, one of the more popular e-book readers is Kindle, by Amazon. People who love to read different kinds of publications find it compact, light, and easy to use. Writers, on the other hand, have much to gain as well: they can self-publish their books on Kindle. These e-books can then be promoted and sold through Amazon, and the writer can expect to earn and be paid twice every month, depending on the sales profits.

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How to Publish on Apple

Without a doubt, e-books are fast becoming a trend among readers around the world.  If you happen to be a writer, you can venture into the e-book publishing industry through Apple’s iPad.  This gadget, which is used by many to read e-books, is directly linked to Apple’s iBookStore, where readers can purchase and download from a wide selection of electronic books.

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7-zip is a very very small program which you can use to zip files. It does not only do zip files, it also does tar files, rar files and pretty much all those different formats that you can use to compress files. Plus it also has an own format which is called 7z. That 7zip format is very, very powerful. It’s very efficient, has a high compression rate, and you see more and more programs using this to pack their setup routines or to make their installation files smaller.

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What You Get from a Good Paid Content

iPad has made it very obvious to people in the computer realm, that if you want to have great software or a very good content, you will need to pay for it. I believe that iPad and the other devices that have an integrated marketplace for application and content will change the perception of people who were used to getting everything for free.

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