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Ultra Mobile Video Editing – Interview with Netbook News Team

At the Videocamp 2012 in Düsseldorf I meet some videobloggers that are connected to Sascha Pallenberg. In this video the Netbook News Ultra-Mobile Video-Editing-Crew shares some secrets on how you can beat Engadget to the newest and hottest Tech-Video.

[wpvideo Wb4przrH w=520]


In this post, I’d like to talk about different programs and applications that I use in the computer daily. I think these programs are the essentials when it comes to working online.

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Using Voice-Over-IP for your business

I am a tech geek, I guess, and I love gadgets. Actually, I love free stuff and everything which has something to do with the internet and communication. No wonder I got hooked on voice over IP because this brings all of this together.

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How to have a secure computer

On a Windows computer, it’s very important to have good security software installed. But you shouldn’t over do it as well, because if you have too many programs installed that deal with security, your computer might slow down.

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