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How to Create a Customer Survey

I come from the field of psychology, and I’ve moved into marketing along the way. One thing that I often see is really bad customer surveys. I think this is due to the fact that making online surveys has gotten so easy, there are number of really good products like google forms, formspring, survey monkey, and a lot of others, that make it very easy for you to have your own online survey technically.

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I have grown up to believe that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial actions were people and actions designed to enrich themselves. Good things, in a social stance, could basically only be arrived by government and non-profit organizations. I think there are more people in my generation that have grown up with that picture in mind and I would like to set that right. What I have experienced over the last few months has taught me that this is absolutely not true.

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Daan Weddepohl ( video interview Founder Institute (NL)


Daan Weddepohl ( in een video interview bij het Founder Institute

Delegating Work

A boss who delegates work to one’s employees will gain a lot of benefits. But there are several reasons that could discourage one from delegating work. For example, the boss might be afraid that his employees will make big mistakes, or he might think that he can do the work better, or he might be afraid that his employees will become better than him. However, the true measure of a good boss is one who knows how to delegate work to his employees. By doing so, he is showing that he trusts his employees, and takes work delegating as an opportunity for them to improve and grow.

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