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Student reflection on traineeship (DDM RU Nijmegen)

I found this document while cleaning up my dropbox. It’s the reflection I wrote about my time at the Diagnostic Decision Making group at the Radboud Unversity Nijmegen. I thought this was an interesting document to share with you.

Read on to find out what I think about my internship at DDM

Changing Education Paradigms

This is a great video about how we can educate our children for the world of tomorrow.


Watch that video! It is enlightend and sooo beautiful!

Causality – I give up on you!

Dear Causality,

I really like you – I do.
When I first met you in my stats course A I was so enthusiastic I tried to explain to everyone that an association does not need to be causal and that Y could cause X, just as well as X could be the cause of Y. I then went on to explain that there could also be Z, that influences both X and Y and that temporal order does suggest causality, but does not prove it.

However I have not managed to give a good picture of you. You seem to be everywhere, even if it is just a faint association, but you are also totally misunderstood. Beeing everything seems equal to being nothing.

Sorry that I have failed you, but after attempt number 54 to explain your nature to some (normally) very intelligent people – I gave up. I can’t bear the burden anymore. WHY ARE YOU SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?

I’ll keep you in my heart forever – but I will not be able to tell your story anymore. Maybe it was a lack of ability to explain all about you – or you might just be a construct of our mind. I just switch to dynamic systems theory and visit you from time to time.

Hope you have a good life! It was good to know you!
Your Martin

What’s that sound Episode 2

Hi and welcome to What’s that sound? episode number 2.

In this podcast we play you everyday sounds and you have to guess what it is.

In this episode we give you the solution to episode nr. 1 and we challenge you to listen to the next episode:


That should be a bit harder…so take a guess..there’s nothing to win, but lot’s of fame!