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First Picture of our Baby


Dynamic systems

I’m really a fan of the dynamic system theory. This scientific model is based on cause and effect. The preposition of cause and effect is time, because in order to have cause, you will need something to happen at time one, and this cause will influence an effect which will happen in time two. However, we have shown that in the Quantum universe, for example, time isn’t what we thought it was. It’s probably not linear anyway, and that might be a model that can’t explain physics to some degree.
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Google Apps Password Usability Fail

Not sure what that’s saying about me, but I seem to develop an interest in FAILS. Last week I wrote about a very funny SEO & PR fail by the German company Strato. Today I was encountering a strange error on Google Apps- a company that actually does quite a lot of testing before releasing stuff.

Google Apps itself was not sure if the password should be 6 or 8 digits. The message on the page said one thing – the error message another thing. It’s not just usability that is suffering here – people do get hurt! (Okay that’s a bit over the top…)

Anyway – stuff like that is what makes testing so important. So DO IT! Now! Get someone to sit in front of the computer and let him surf your website and mumble to him/herself.

No Double Negation is not hard to understand

There is one thing that you learn in the psychology 101 “making real surveys” (as supposed to what I call walk-by-washing-powder-survey): DO NOT USE DOUBLE NEGATION. EVER!

Why complicated language is bad for business