Business Update January 2010

Wow…I can only say “Wow!”.

I just signed a deal to build a  website for someone important at university. How cool is that. Considered everyone hates the unversitie’s CMS, building a nice and usable website will be the best word of mouth advertisement for me – ever.

So yeah…I am pretty excited about that. Hang on…More to come!

Yesterday you could already read that I got a huge boost from the feedback a professor at the economics (or was it management) department gave me on my (still superduper secret) business idea. I put up a job offer for that and 20 people are interested already – wow: I am going to be a employer pretty soon.

Bit Dynamics is also growing by the day. We have almost finished one trajectory and 2 more jobs are already lined up! It’s a busy world – the Internet world.

Next Saturday I will give my first WordPress workshop. Really excited about that.

Also got my insurance blog up and running again – now I just need some more people writing on it. That should be doable considered they get to place links to their own sites or affiliate programs.

It’s all moving very fast at the moment – lot’s of momentum in it. I feel extremely good about my future. It hasn’t been so much fun to think about “What am I going to do today” since a long time. I can hardly wait to wake up in the morning (-:

Okay – enough talk – back to making it all happen! See you later…

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