Basics of a Social Media Campaign

A Social media campaign is giving away something for free that is of value to someone else. With this, you buy someone’s attention with something you give away for free. Then you use that attention to initiate an interaction between the different members or people that are actually looking for what you are giving away. Since that group will be a specific group, they are looking for a specific answer or a specific product, and you are giving them a chance to connect. Chances are, they have something to tell to each other because they are looking for the same thing.

What to look for in a niche

Basically, this is what you want to do. You want to bring together people that have a common goal or a common question that you can unite in action as it is. Then the question remains, what will be the topic of your community? You will need to find a good niche which is wide enough so you get enough people in your community, but specific enough so that people will come to your community.The more specific something is the more people will engage. Well you can go and do some keyword research and see how much traffic that brings in. You can also go and look at other sites and other communities; see how big they are, and if you think it would be worthwhile, make an alternative to them. If you have lots of members, make the topic more specific.

Something for people to interact on

Then, you need to have something for people to interact on. You can just make a community website and let the people build a community on their own. Eventually, that’s what hopefully is going to happen. However, you will need to put in some energy in order to have something that people can interact on. That needs to be a kind of initial energy to start everything up. That would probably be a contest or something like this. I’ve tried giving people something of value to them before, and that could be getting a free blog.

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