Apple sponsoring Netrepreneurs Interviews

Dear Apple,
I run an Video-Interview-Blog at

As psychologist I am interested in what makes people successful. Therefore I have developed a format, in which entrepreneurs talk about their personal development and how that has contributed to making them successful in a business context. I believe that true success always starts from within – and that is why I have dedicated quite some time to making these interviews and releasing them for free.

When I started I was using Windows and a software called supertintin. The software has some limitations, but it was the only one I could even find working correctly. Then I found ecamm for mac. I love it. So since a few month I make all interviews with the iMac of my girlfriend. I have a late 2010 MBA-model, which I am totally in love with, BUT the problem is – it’s just not fast enough to encode Skype, decode Skype and record it as h264 on the disk.

So my last interviews I did with the MBA in India – well – it’s not pretty:

And I am sad, that some great interviews will not be recorded as good as they could. It’s something I cannot re-do. Once the moment it’s gone. The energy is different.

Therefore I am writing to you. I do not have the funds to upgrade my system right now, as the project is for free. I want everybody to be able to see the interviews and learn from those great mentors, that I had the pleasure talking to. Every day I receive emails of people, that have watched all interviews and have grown taking those ideas of personality development and putting them into action in their own life.

I would like to propose that you jump on board with a sponsorship. Supplying me with a the latest MBA (with all specs upgrades) will give me the chance to record those interview wherever I am – at top quality. Not only will you feel deeply satisfied that you have sponsored a great project, but you will also get airtime in all the interviews and be mentioned as a sponsor on the website.

I will also be starting a English version of Netrepreneurs soon. My first interview is already finished. Maybe you know Ross Dawson:

So…what do you think? Would you like to be part of this?

Looking forward to be sponsored by Apple. – Have a good day! Martin

3 Responses to “Apple sponsoring Netrepreneurs Interviews”

  • Martin Metzmacher:

    So they do not actually care (;

  • Martin Metzmacher:

    Apple’s answer:

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your email.

    As you can imagine, we get a great many requests for assistance, not all of which we are able to support.

    Unfortunately we are unable to pursue this opportunity, but we would like to thank you for considering Apple, and wish you great success.

    Sincere regards,


  • great idea
    and very offensive strategy IF they actually care.
    the idea w the english interviews is nice. i was also thinking about this but i guess i stopped the thought when i found i neexed to sibtitle it in german as there are still enough outthere who wont understand what we talk about. . .

    im very much looking forward to our upcoming meeting and possible projects my friend
    in the meantime
    njoy whatever hits you. . may it be. love grace bliss O:-)

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